Rock Solid Protection

Safeguarding BC Mining Projects Since 2007.

Regional Expertise

At Stikine Alliance Security Services Inc., we understand the critical importance and challenges of ensuring the safety and well-being of your workforce, especially in remote locations.

Our experienced Security, Safety, and Medical professionals have provided top-tier care and protection at remote mining sites across the Tahltan Territory and BC's Golden Triangle for 17 years.

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Longstanding Partnerships

Stikine Alliance was formed as a joint venture corporation between Bear Dog Enterprises Ltd. and Western Protection Alliance Inc. We have built on the combined expertise of Bear Dog and Western to form a diverse network of talent and suppliers with deep regional and industry knowledge.

Bear Dog Enterprises Ltd.

Bear Dog is 100% Tahltan owned, and specializes in promoting, developing, and operating commercial enterprises within the Tahltan Territory.

Bear Dog provides remote site operations support through its numerous joint ventures with catering, accommodations, camp infrastructure, and transportation businesses.

Bear Dog is a proven leader in creating business opportunities and employment for Tahltan people.

Western Protection Alliance Inc.

Western Protection Alliance Inc. has provided innovative security and business continuity support services to remote and industrial work environments across Canada for 30 years.

Headquartered in British Columbia, Western is licensed, bonded, and insured to provide a full range of security, safety, paramedical, and related consulting services across Canada.